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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Still forever changed

link -> Still forever changed
I finally took him out today, the 2004 Ibex Corrida "Luxe Tour" bike that I call Roadie. Our rides are few and far between these days. Today I pumped up the tires from 10 psi - that's how long he's been sitting. I'm generally just a phone call away from listing him in the freebie classified ads, but every time we go out for a ride, I can't remember what about him made me think he was such a junker. He's a perfectly competent bike. I want to believe in him.

Also today, I picked up from the bike shop the 2008 Surly Karate Monkey that I call KiM. After dropping her off a cliff on Monday, I had to get the brake lever fixed. I also had them swap out her suspension fork for a rigid one. This weekend, I'll outfit her with skinny tires and my bikepacking gear, and shore up Roadie with a few new cables, brake pads, and a rack, all in preparation for the grand fall tour, the Golden Circle. I hyped up this trip enough to convince fellow enduro-nut John Nobile to come all the way out from Connecticut. I told him he would experience "real Alaska" (even though 90 percent of the route is in Canada), complete with wind, cold rain and maybe even a little September snow. We're setting out to relive our Tour Divide glory days on some of the most remote pavement you can find in North America.

Doing all of this started me thinking back to the Tour Divide. It's been exactly two months since I returned to Juneau. It's amazing to me it's only been that long. It feels like I've been "off the road" for ages, settled back into the mainstream of my life like I never even diverged from the flow. Still, little changes from the summer linger. A few ways I am different:

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hacking LINQ Expressions: Select With Index

link -> Hacking LINQ Expressions: Select With Index

NHibernate Testing with SQLite in-memory DB

link -> NHibernate Testing with SQLite in-memory DB

SQLite LogoThis is a follow-up to my post here about SQLiteDatabaseScope, a small class to control the lifecycle of SQLite in-memory databases. It allows you to run NHibernate tests against SQLite’s fast in-memory database. Since each test can have its own database in memory, you can easily run tests in parallel without conflict.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fire and smoke in the Tushars

link -> Fire and smoke in the Tushars

Last weekend we did a little trip to the Tushar mountains East of Beaver, UT.  The riding is rugged, the scenery huge.  It feels like Colorado high country.