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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Multiple Firefox Profiles with Custom Icon Packs - Ken Yarmosh

link -> Multiple Firefox Profiles with Custom Icon Packs - Ken Yarmosh:
I wanted to run two concurrent Firefox profiles — essentially a professional and a personal version. There’s lots to read on using Firefox profiles but my case was unique in that I wanted 1) Two profiles running at once. 2) An easy way to distinguish between the two profiles in my Windows Taskbar.
Cool I set this up so I keep my personal gmail loaded in firefox and people don't click on it when we are pairing since it doesn't have the default firefox icon.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Crosspile Week 5 and 6

In the last two weeks, I downloaded NRefactory and created a playground project where I was able to output some C# code programmatically. After looking at my code, I am not 100% sure it is better than just writing out the C# code manually. What will be cool though is if I can figure out a way to let you write a visitor to change your C# code before it is outputted. This feature might help me eliminate a bunch of manual repetitive changes when importing a large javascript library. When searching on how to get NRefactory to work I found this link for a company called Semantic Designs. I only glanced at their site for a few minutes, but it seems like it is a commercial project that will let you translate your code into some intermediate language and then translate it again to some destination language. This sounds a lot like what I am trying to do except their javascript and c# languages are not really ExtJs specific. Next week is Christmas so not sure how much I will get done. However I at least plan to start working on reading javascript and parsing it into my cross model.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Introducing Siesta: A Testing Tool for Ext JS

link -> Introducing Siesta: A Testing Tool for Ext JS:
For us, about midway through our upgrade, we realized that we badly needed a tool to help us verify that what used to work in the Ext JS 3 version still worked in the Ext JS 4 version. Doing the testing manually for each feature and API method would simply have taken way too much of our time. After evaluating a few popular options, we realized that none really fit our needs, so we started to design and write our own tool: Siesta
Looks nice for unit testing where you write the tests programmatically. Not sure how it would work with a recorder and automatically generated IDs. Price tag of $300/developer is steep not to do everything.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

New RSS Feed URLs

Since Google Reader shut down their Note In Reader feature, I decided to import my shared items into this blog and use the BlogThis bookmarklet to share new items.

 Here are my new RSS feed URLs

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Comments-only feed: 
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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Crosspile Week 4

Finally got a test to pass this week. I think the next thing to work on is to output some C# from the JsDuck json file. This week I want to research the NRefactory library and try to create an abstract syntax tree from my JsDuck json file and get NRefactory to output the C#. I also noticed that Microsoft released Roslyn which I could use instead of NRefactory. I think I will start out with NRefactory but keep my eye on Roslyn as well just to see if it is worth switching.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

SpecFlow Integration - Matt Ward

link -> SpecFlow Integration - Matt Ward:
The SpecFlow team recently released version 1.7 and with it they included support for SharpDevelop 4.0. SpecFlow is an open source framework that you can use to do Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) on .NET. It allows you to bind business requirements to the code. Let us take a look at how SpecFlow integrates with SharpDevelop.
This looks similar to our customer test parser except instead of using Xml they use the Gherkin language.