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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Shhh. We’re Hunting Yabbits | Situated Geekery

link -> Shhh. We’re Hunting Yabbits | Situated Geekery

Yabbitting is when people go through a sequence of resistance statements, where each statement begins with the words, “Yeah, but…”.

Like this: “Yabbit, our shop does shrinkwrap, so what works for some web app isn’t gonna work here.” or “Yabbit, we all work 80 hours a week, so we don’t need slack.” or “Yabbit, if you write tests + code, that’s more code than if you just write code”.

Let’s try again: Ever get the yabbits when introducing a new idea?

Yes, I thought so.

Whoops this always gets me. I need to start writing down the list and memorize some short canned responses.

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