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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Crosspile Week 1

I have been researching tools to convert C# into javascript for awhile. I just think it would make work more fun if I could use the refactoring tools built into Visual Studio to clean up my javascript code. I also like the idea of getting compiler errors for simple typos.

So I decided to spend some of my spare time creating a tool that will allow me to do this. This is what I got done in Week 1
  1. Sent email to my boss and got approval to do this. 
  2. Bought a new macbook since mine was super old.
  3. Setup my laptop to run MonoDevelop.
  4. Created test project googleReaderShares2Blogger to see if I want to use MonoDevelop or Visual Studio
  5. Created Git repository and uploaded my test project code.
  6. Used Boot Camp to setup Windows 7 on my mac and installed Visual Studio
  7. Downloaded sharpkit and started a test project to see if I can use this tool.
  8. Came up with the snazzy name Crosspile for my project.
  9. Cleaned up blog a little.
  10. Read through Git tutorial.
I plan to update this blog every week with my progress.  If I get any questions, I will add more detail about what I am doing.

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