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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Bounded Context Integration

I finished Chapter 13 on Integrating Bounded Contexts of Implementing Domain Driven Design.

In our domain everything is jumbled together in one giant bounded context. Having never done what the author describes I found this chapter very interesting.

I liked the discussion about messaging. I had never thought about messages arriving out of order. I thought the author came up with a very simple solution to what could be a very complicated problem.

I also liked the discussion where he modeled a long running process as an entity and setup trackers to do automatic retries. I had to do something similar with a third party service our application integrates with. The code I wrote was very specific to the one area I was working on though. If you did this type of integration in multiple places in your application, then I could see that having more generic reusable components could be very helpful.

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