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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Being Agile?

I started reading Scaling Software Agility after finishing Scaling Lean and Agile Development. Here is a quote from the forward to Scaling Software Agility

We say “agile processes,” but actually the process, whether formally described or tacit in people’s heads, is not agile in itself. People can be agile; teams or organizations can be agile. You do not “do agile,” you “are agile.” If you only do agilewithoutbeing agile,you will fail and not know why, and you will be left blaming some book.

I could have sworn I read that same quote in Larman's book. I confess I still don't understand exactly what it means. Probably something like don't just follow the practices blindly. Try to understand the underlying principles and values and make sure you are staying true to them.

I am not sure which camp I fall into being or doing. I am working on it.

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