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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Self Organizing

From Scaling Lean and Agile Developement

In the context of scaling and multiteam development, there are many opportunities for a team to require a representative at meetings. It is useful for a ScrumMaster to not act as the team representative. One Scrum goal is an engaged self-managing team; thus, a good ScrumMaster will avoid taking any management-like role or activity, including team representative. Other team members need to learn to take on all management-related roles and activities.

I would like our team to be self organizing. I have read a lot of tips in this book about how to accomplish that. One of their main points is that as long as their is someone on the team that considers themselves a manager then the team will never self organize. I have always felt like I was a big part of the problem, but I was not sure specifically what I was doing wrong. The quote above gives one tip for me to stop going to meetings to represent our team.

So then the question is what should I be doing? Maybe I should read more about the role they call ScrumMaster. Here is a short description. It sounds interesting.

ScrumMasters that (1) act as Scrum-method coaches for their teams and the Product Owner, (2) help their team become a real team by facilitating conflict and removing obstacles, (3) help the Product Owner, (4) remind the team of their goal, and (5) bring change to the organization so that overall product development is optimized and maximum ROI is realized.

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