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Friday, June 25, 2010

Bulk processing with NHibernate

link -> Bulk processing with NHibernate

On a recent project, much of the application integration is done through bulk, batch processing.  Lots of FTP shuffling, moving files around, and processing large CSV or XML files.  Everything worked great with our normal NHibernate usage, until recently when we had to process historical transactional data.

The basic problem is that we had to calculate historical customer order totals.  Normally, this would be rather easy to do with a SQL-level bulk update.  However, in our case, we had to process the items one-by-one, as each transaction could potentially trigger an event, “reward earned”.  And naturally, the rules for this trigger are much too complex to attempt to do in straight T-SQL.

This meant that we still had to run our historical feed through the domain model.

Cool multi-query thing I forgot about

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