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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Using Fluent NHibernate With Legacy Databases

link -> Using Fluent NHibernate With Legacy Databases

So lets talk about the relevant Fluent Nhibernate features:

  • Schema("viplookups.dbo");

The first item of interest is the Schema() method. The schema function tells NHibernate to pull this entity from a specified database. In my case this database exists on the same SQL Server. So I didn't need to try it on another server. If you have knowledge of this working on another server leave a comment here.

  • Table("bnkroute");

The next item of interest is the Table() method. This is pretty straight forward Fluent NHibernate and specifies the legacy table to pull your data from.

  • SchemaAction.None();

The next interesting feature is SchemaAction.None(). When developing our applications I have an integration test that is used to build all our default schema. I DONT want these table to be generated in our schema, they are external.  SchemaAction.None() tells NHibernate not to create this entity in the database.

So that's it. A simple combination of Fluent NHibernate features to access data from a legacy database properly.

I didn't know about the Schema and SchemaAction commands. Schema may help with the warehouse

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